Our Mission Statement: To bring people into a loving relationship with the Living God.


There are many who need the touch of God to change their lives. We are dedicated to meeting those needs every day. Sunday morning, we join together to rejoice in the blessings of the week, encourage one another and revive ourselves in worship and praise.

Bringing God and people together is a cornerstone of our church. We are a church without walls helping to grow the kingdom through active community participation.

What we believe: Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. Scripture is divinely inspired and without error. We consider it the final authority.

Our worship environment: Casual.  We encourage people to come as they are and to dress comfortably.

The focus of the church: We emphasize establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ and finding His purpose for our lives. We can help you do this.

We believe in and are committed to making and growing disciples. We provide a family-affirming atmosphere for learning and to prepare our members for ministry by helping them discover and develop their personal giftings.

We emphasize telling others about Jesus Christ and teach full devotion to Him and His cause, for this was the last command given to His people.

Our Pastor

Our Pastor and his wife are Mike and Sandee McMahon. Click here to see their biography.

Where is the church?

We are holding our 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning Bible study and 10:00 a.m. worship service in a comfortable home environment. Please e-mail us or call for more information:

(817) 894-0370